Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Old Faces

          “Couple of bloody cripples together now then ?” said Crush as he helped Dave walk back along the sand, part of his physio they said, the day after he’d been released from hospital.  Dave didn’t even acknowledge the remark. He barely spoke as the two of them made their way along.

          “Do you really remember nothing….?”


          “The car was a mess, don’t you even remember that ?”

          “Only what’s been told me….it’s one of those things where I can’t seem to unpick what’s been said to me and what I really know…..I mean, I start to think I can remember stuff and then Joe tells me its just what he’s told me….makes no sense.”

          Dave glanced out at the sea a few times as they walked, Crush interpreted this as a return to old form, “Soon be back in there again then ? Autumn swells coming in now…” Dave looked at Crush as if he was speaking a different language and then seemed to shake himself out of it.

          “Yeah, right, yeah…” He glanced one more time back at the grey waters throwing up clouds of spray around the headlands and set his eyes firmly on the path ahead.

           No-one spoke again until they said goodbye at the gate.

                                                                              Crush walked back down, wondering where Dave had been.

But because it's such a short's the start of the Seventies for those who lived in England and didn't go to Altamont.... when Rod still mattered....

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