Wednesday, 27 June 2012

On my way.....

Thanks to all of you - the small but rather wonderful band of people who have read this far, whether you stayed for the whole trip or just dropped by for the odd perusal I am very grateful. Its been fun finding the pictures and the music but now the words have run out....

Well they have for now - expect to see Liquid Tin Too sometime soon, its just waiting to happen once the laptop is restored and I'm not faced with working on an old pc with the response time of a ZX Spectrum. Hopefully you'll come back when I do - it gets rather addictive this blogging thing. In the meantime check out the eclectic selection and fine writing, music, pictures and philosophies on the blogs down the right hand side.

And to be going on with - well, there was no place for this in the story but now's as good a time as any to give it an outing and it somehow seems appropriate for the story, for the blog and right now for a whole lot of other reasons..... turn up your speakers, get the leather soled shoes on, sprinkle some talc on the kitchen floor and....take it away Dean,

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