Friday, 14 September 2012

Yes I'm proud of you now !

          Well, the eldest boy Tin has had a week of to university tomorrow to enjoy the delights of all that Fresher's week has to offer. I try not to think of it all too much, partly because it makes me feel too old knowing that I now have two kids at university, but partly because I know exactly what his bleached blonde head has itself set on doing..... He's sharing a house with three of his closest mates from school who somehow all ended up there - I still haven't worked out if that should be reassuring or worrying...

          He also passed his driving test today at the second attempt - I'm very proud and he's probably quite smug, he knows it took me more times than that (I shan't reveal how many more...but suffice to say that one attempt ended when I nearly  ran a traffic cop down, with him having to jump out of the way at the last moment).

          I think it's only fitting that I should post the song below as some sort of tribute to him and to all the other students starting university for the first time over the next few weeks - don't believe a word of what they say about it being easy to get in these days. It takes hard work and some amount of determination, not least because of all those bastard politicians and leader writers telling everyone how easy it is. This is one of his favourite bands and he's been to see them a number of times - he'd be seeing them play locally on monday night if only he wasn't off to university - I think he's quite sad about that.

          Now emo/metal (I don't know what it is - I'm far too old) isn't really my cup of tea, but then again I'm always pleased that each new generation gets off on its own screamy thrashy guitar music and he's no exception. I mean would it be better if he listened to Adele or Rihanna instead? Of course not.

          So enjoy - or not. It isn't for you anyway !

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  1. I can't imagine sending mine off...I mean, I can and do imagine sending him off to boarding school, the marines, prison, my sisters...but, those are just fantasies. I can't imagine actually packing up for a real departure.

    I bet you are really proud of him. Good luck to him and you.