Friday, 27 July 2012

All Gone Away

          This will be it for a week or so – sign’s up and it reads ‘All Gone Away’ – heading for a largely empty field by a beach and hoping for some continued sun. The ‘boards are waxed and the suit and shoes have been put in the wardrobe ‘til I get back feeling relaxed, tanned and salt-cured, at least that’s the plan. It could be trench foot if it’s anything like last year.

          But red wine, lazily cooked food, kids running wild and free, sea, sand, peregrine falcons and kestrels overhead and seals and lobsters in the lagoon below – these at least are constants even if precious little else is these days.

          If anyone asks...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for dropping in - glad you liked it (I've always found that a bit of surf music helps the family bond...)

  2. And now you're back we are looking forward to surfing tales.....

    1. Good to have you here CA - no overly dramatic tales just yet but I'll get around to writing properly just as soon as I've worked out how to live in the real world again. Love your bedsteads by the way !